Bill Peterson, C.Ped - Founder

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Board-Certified Pedorthist NYU / BCP#133 / ABC CPed #164

  • President and Founder, established Foot Fitness in 1995 as a sports performance and pedorthic center.
  • 35 years - Orthotic Design, Orthotic Manufacturing, and Patient Care.
  • Teaching and Lecturing on advance biomechanics and pathologies.
  • 1960 - 1978 US Ski Team, Professional Skier, Cyclist, and Water Skier. Still today, after 7 knee surgeries, Bill rides 6 - 7 thousand miles a year and is a avid skier. Without the Foot Fitness Orthotics and Alignment he would not be able to participate in any activities.
  • 1979 Designed and introduced the first Direct Mold Pillow Orthotics System to the ski industry and established Peterson Sports Orthotic Lab.
  • 1980s - 1990s Designed and Patented three Direct Mold Orthotic Pillow Systems, Alignment Systems, and Evaluation Equipment.
  • 1986 - Present; Running Gait Evaluations, Cycle-Fit and Orthotic Manufacturing for some of the best professional runners and cyclists in the world; Motorola, US Postal, Mercury, Saturn, Discovery and HealthNet professional cycle teams, to name a few.
  • 2002 Invented and Developed the AirPillow 3D Laser Scanning System and CNC Orthotic manufacturing.
  • 2008 Designed and Produced a new state of the art orthotic system.  This new system uses the latest science, biomechanics, foot capture, 3D laser scanning, CAD/CAM and computer CNC manufacturing.  This system is recognized as the most effective and accurate orthotic system by medical professionals.

Founder / President Bill Peterson
Cover Ski Magazine Nov 1967         Airborne over the Cliffs of Vail