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Pricing & Policies

Foot Evaluation / Assessment $35 - $50
Biomechanical Evaluation of your feet and lower body alignment / Functional and Structural leg length
Footwear evaluation / Short and long term solutions / Foot Casting / Cast Scan


Kids and Seniors N/C
No charge for foot evaluation for kids up to 17 and seniors over 65


Biomechanical Cycle-Fit $195
Biomechanical Evaluation of your feet / Lower body alignment / Foot - Shoe - Cleat
Power Position seat height and set-back, pedal stroke, cleat alignment
Comfort Position stem length, bar height and width


Gait Analysis / Cycling Cleat Alignment / Cycle-fit checkup



Orthotics $250 - $298
Includes two (2) follow-up Appointments / Adjustments


Additional Pairs $200




Payment at time of service.


Insurance Billing:
We have a relationship with you - You have a relationship with your insurance company.
Documentation will be provided - submission is your responsibility


Warranty - 90 days / 1 Year.
Any adjustments needed are at no charge for 90 days / 1 year on materials



Retail Services

Footwear Fitting:
We will measure your feet for length, width, and volume. We'll look at your basic foot mechanics and any pathologies. Walkers and runners: we will use the treadmill to help determine the correct shoe for your biomechanical and performance need.

Special Order Footwear:
For special order and hard-to-fit feet, we will custom-order your shoes. However, we require a 50% deposit

Footwear Returns:
Wear your new footwear around the house to make sure they are comfortable and you are satisfied with the fit. We will be happy to exchange or refund if you do not feel they are correct.

  1. We will not refund or exchange if the footwear was worn outside.
  2. You must have your receipt.
  3. We will refund or exchange for 30 days from purchase date.