Foot Fitness Kids Products

Our kids are growing up in flip-flops and shoes without support. As a result the rear foot is not held in the proper position. The heel bone (Calcaneus) needs to be held vertically for the arch and foot to develop properly.

If the heel is not supported in the vertical position, the arches flatten and the feet develop in the misaligned position. This could create foot, shin, knee, hip, or back problems later in life.

The more active the child is, the earlier some of these problems can create performance and orthopedic issues.


In the far left photo:
The child is seated and the feet are aligned.


In the near left photo:
The child is standing and the arch has flattened out due to wearing shoes without support.

Kids Products

Deep Heel Cup

Deep Heel Cup is formulated in non-sport daily life. Will support and hold the rear foot in the aligned position for proper foot development.

Full Length Sport Orthotic

The Full Length Sport Orthotic is formulated in all sport activities. It is designed to support the rear foot in the aligned position (see additional heel support). The arch is custom formed to the feet, but is soft and flexible. The flexible arch adds stability and cushion for the increased forces of all sport actives.


Our Philosophy

No rigid arch supports for the kids. Holding the rear foot vertical lets the feet develop with normal motion and strength. Rigid arch supports develop lazy arches that will become dependent on wearing orthotics