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It all starts with our feet.

Foot Fitness Locations
Find out where can you find Foot Fitness Locations?

Biomechanical Bicycle Fitting
Seat Height/Setback, Stem length/Angle, Bar Height/Width, Cleat Position/Alignment.

Custom Orthotics
Custom Biomechanical Correction & Functional Alignment.

Custom Fit Orthotics
NO Alignment issues, but Custom Support is needed to maintain stability, comfort & enhance performance.

Footwear Modifications
lifts, rockers, stiffeners, Stretching

Footwear Modifications
Deep Heel Cup is formulated in non-sport daily life.
The Full Length Sport Orthotic is formulated in all sport activities.

Motion Video Assessments
Slow motion and frame-by-frame computer video assessments for Running Gait & Cycle Fit

Our Founder
Bill Peterson - Board Certified Pedorthist

Company Profile
Foot Fitness is a full-service sports performance and pedorthic center.

Franchise Opportunities
In launching a new business, there is no substitute for being in the right place at the right time.

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Our Technology
Computer Aided Design
Computer Aided Manufacturing

Pricing & Policies
Prices & policies for our Products and Services

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Comfort Footwear / Orthotic Sandals